About The Yahyel

The ET civilization known as the YahYel are part of our galactic family and they will be communicating with us, live at this event, through channeling. The YahYel are descendant from our Human Species and so, they are physically very similar to us. They might become the first Extraterrestrial civilization to openly meet with us on Earth in an open, peaceful, enjoyable way. We’ll be able to connect mutually, share, learn and explore new ways of being, while developing rewarding relationships for generations to come.

The YahYel live in harmony with all beings their beautiful planet. They walk, they breathe, they sleep and they dream together, valuing life and caring for one another in all ways possible. They are helping us remember how magnificent and loving beings we truly are and how to live in harmony with our planet Earth and with each other, on all levels of our Existence.

The people of the YahYel Civilization will be communicating with us on this event through their respective Earth-based channels:

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DISCLAIMER: Due to the Corona and the official regulations to be meet in Germany, we decided to “downgrade” the “CE-5 Meditation and Channeling Event” to a private event with an energy exchange. If you are an enthusiast interested in CE-5 meditation and Channeling wishing to participate in a smaller and private event, please contact us through this form in German or English.