the channelers

Simon Gerve

Channeling Markus Samu LL i from the YahYel

Simon, a father and a former basketball professional, was physically born and mostly raised in Freiburg, Germany. In very early stages of his life, he was already given the opportunity to expand the limiting beliefs that mainstream society holds. Visits from an “other” being occurred regularly in dreamtime and also in the physical realm. Ideas of “death” and “total blackness after life” seemed to be very strange and new ideas to adapt to. 

Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 2012 that Simon first started to reflect deeper in his beingness to explore these altered states of consciousness and alternative paradigms. During this time, many more memories emerged and so, he decided to explore south America by backpack. This created a multi-faceted state of beingness. While traveling and also back home, many sightings of UFOs and many stories told by firsthand experiencers helped him to form a new gained perspective about Earth Humans. He now considers himself multicultural as well as multidimensional, which allows him to reside throughout different cultures and countries on Planet Earth and to keep expanding his knowledge about our human consciousness.

He has had many Ayahuasca trips and one DMT-Jurema experience.  He  loves to spend time with Shamans who have similar questions, keeping the adventure in his own never-ending fascination of Existence itself going.

On his continuous journey through the Earth Plane, he came across the Yahyel and other galactic family members. He started channeling Markus Samu LL i in 2016. This entity, from the Yahyel Civilization, is an explorer of consciousness as well. Samu LL i likes to travel throughout galaxies in his part-Arcturian spacecraft and regularly hosts friends from all over the universe on board. On meditative created pictures, his face sometimes appears painted and drawn on. This suggests a deep connection to our indigenous people on Earth. Markus claims to have already set footsteps on our lovely mother Gaia.

In 2018, Simon started to collect information about the YahYel on the German website, which he founded and owns.

Filipa Losada

Channeling Hylah from The YahYel

Filipa was born and raised near Lisbon, Portugal. Since young, she expressed her passion for drawing, painting and writing and got accustomed to the channeling state because of it. She has a Nursing degree and a Chinese Medicine Course, but decided to pursue Illustration in 2018.

In 2012, she began to explore different authors and synchronistically became aware of the idea of channeling, starting with Abraham-Hicks and then Bashar. She always found the idea interesting, but never felt attracted to explore that idea herself. It was also in that same year that she felt attracted to meditation while exploring some personal challenges regarding anxiety and fear. This would be one of the first big steps that would lead her, in the future, to her channeling practice.

In 2019, she discovered Arjun of the YahYel, channeled by Wieteke Koolhof. The resonance was obvious. Soon after, the opportunity of participating in a one-on-one channeled session arose and she took it. After being exposed to Arjun’s energy during the session, she started to have dreams and intuitive nudges suggesting the idea of meditation once again, a practice she had stopped doing regularly a few years before. Following her nudges, she noticed that she was being guided to visualize different situations and she was being taught the idea of “surrendering”. Days after, the first contact with Hylah was initiated. She understood that there was a soul agreement behind this meeting, but she was still given the choice to play with it or refuse it.

With an open heart and no expectations she accepted it, and the Youtube Channel “Connecting with Hylah” was born, where she shares her channeling practices and messages with the world.

Gabriele Stern

Channeling Lumica from the YahYel

Gabriele, born and raised in Karlsruhe, Germany, didn’t know anything about Energy Work, Energy Healing and Higher Consciousness until her 26th birthday, when a good friend from Munich told her that she “belongs to the club”. She also was surprised to discover that she is from an old family of healers: her grand-uncles, grand-aunts and grand-cousins are working with stones, Japanese Energy Healing and a lot more. It was after this discovery and as she became willing to listen to her inner voice that her journey started, leading her to books, teachers and friends all around the world.

She first developed her senses, starting with clairvoyance, and only then she began to channel. The mixture of inner picture, channeled words and sometimes even frequency that is modulated through her voice is what she loves the most.

Whatever the “problem” is, be it physical -like a broken toe or viral infections – or an inner emotional conflict, she loves to respond individually by following her impulses, in order to re-estabilish health in the Human System, by working with her hands, her voice and her mind. 

A few years ago, it was Lumica that called Gabriele and asked her if she could speak through her, amplifying her skills to bring love to this planet and to raise the Collective Energy. Gabriele never thought of the idea of channeling an Extradimensional, so this request made her very curious and happy.

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