Hostel & CE-5 location

The Hostel

We are part of this earth. Every step we take should be consistent with the planet we are part of. Therefore, we decided to choose a basic and natural location for our private event. The Naturfreundehaus Elmstein (Friends of Nature House Elmstein) is a place where travelers can rest close to nature. Hikers can start their tours by using the many, many trails of the Pfälzer Wald. It’s a place where food from local farmers meets local cuisine and where locals and travelers enjoy their surroundings. Perfect for all kinds of groups and all ages. Lovers of nature are truly welcome here.


All you need

It has a hostel for basic accommodation that contains the necessary facilities needed for our event, while maintaining its closeness to nature and a natural life style that allow for activities like a bonfire in the evening. For those who wish to truly be in Nature, this facility also offers a Camping Site next to the woods.  You can place your tent 50 meters away from a bonfire or, if you prefer, you can even use one of the parking grounds for motorhomes on the other side of the Naturfreundehaus.

For more information, please visit Naturfreundehaus Elmstein’s website by using these links below.



For every participant is reserved a bed in hostel style. Please note –  just a bed, not a room. There are usually four beds per room. If several participants know each other and prefer to share the same room, we will try to make it possible. If you’re one of the first ones to sign up for this private meeting, this should be possible. If you’re a last minute participant, you will probably have to share the room with people you initially don’t know.

Again, you can always choose also to camp, to stay in your own motorhome or to book a holiday apartment in Elmstein by yourself.

Full board with breakfast, lunch & dinner and beverages will be included for everyone who wishes to join our private meeting.


Secret Location for the
CE-5 Meditation

Why have we selected a special location for the CE-5 Meditation?

Why not! In general, a CE-5 Meditation could be arranged almost everywhere but a quiet place and a clear view at the sky is always an advantage. It’s much more fun if you have a place with a clear view in all directions like, for example a mountain top.

This is how it works:

More Fun

More energy

a perfect ce-5 meditation

A good place with an almost 360° degree view has been found and selected, but to keep the energy level as high as possible, this place has to also be quiet enough for a bigger group to meditate without disturbance.

For that reason, the location will remain a surprise until the last day. It’s in every participant’s best interest not to know until the big day has arrived, otherwise it might not be quite the quiet place anymore.

But we’ll give you some hints in the meanwhile:

1 hour distance by car

The location selected is about an hour driving distance from our event location in Elmstein. 

We have to use our own cars to get there, and this will include a free seat in one of our cars for participants that arrived by public transportation.

it's on a mountain top

The place is on a mountain top in the Pfälzer Wald, with an almost 360° view all over the wooden hills. It’s a public place that is big enough for our group and quiet enough so that the few tourists that pass by won’t be able to disturb the energy of our CE-5 meditation. 

follow the Photos

The first picture is on our way to the top. It’s just about 15 min of hiking from the parking space until the mountain top. The second picture depicts the view just below the mountain top. Above this big rock formation, a quiet and large enough place for the CE-5 Meditation is waiting for you.

To join us, contact us down below!

DISCLAIMER: Due to the Corona and the official regulations to be meet in Germany, we decided to “downgrade” the “CE-5 Meditation and Channeling Event” to a private event with an energy exchange. If you are an enthusiast interested in CE-5 meditation and Channeling wishing to participate in a smaller and private event, please contact us through this form in German or English.